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Hello Baseball Families,

Now that the season is well underway, it's time to remember some basics about the players and parents that help keep our league running smoothly. Some basic rules bear repeating year after year:



If there is threatening weather, we will try as best we can to close fields as early in the day as possible. Sometimes we can make the call, sometimes the Township or Borough will close the fields and let us know. These field closures can happen late in the day so checking of our website is necessary on days of expected bad weather.



We are all guests of either Chalfont Borough or New Britain Township, when we have games at the various fields. Please remember to clean up after yourself and your families.



Although umpires are paid, they receive a nominal sum which helps offset their equipment and travel costs. There is no room for player OR parent criticism, and the league has no tolerance for anything beyond a reasonable, calm, discussion of a questionable call. Managers are permitted this discussion; everyone else is not.



There should be no player holding, swinging, twirling, etc. a bat in the dugout at the  A, AA, AAA, or Majors level. You must keep repeating this to your child until they understand. This especially goes for the on-deck batter as well. Coaches are doing what they can to monitor the dugout, but of course, most of the action is occurring on the field. If you see your son or daughter playing with a bat in the dugout, please remind them of this basic rule (which is posted on a sign in every dugout).


At Chestnut Street, please obey the parking signs! As parents, you cannot make up your own parking rules just to be closer to the fields. Chalfont Borough Police will not hesitate to ticket those cars that cannot follow simple parking rules. If a sign says, "NO PARKING-HERE TO CORNER" follow that rule and find someplace else to park.



At Tower Hill, the wide open spaces encourage alot of kids to run around carefree. Not so for the parking areas. Parking is tight, rear-view vision is limited for backing out of spaces, and many siblings don’t stay close to their parents. Please be careful and always watch out for the back-up lights on cars.


Coaches have a lot to do already with lineups, field preparation, safety, and paying attention to the game. Give them a hand afterwards to help rake, put tarps back, clean out the dugout, etc.

by posted 04/27/2016
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