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The Boundaries of Lenape Valley Baseball are as follows...


  • Begin at the intersection of Lower State Road and County Line Road
  • County Line Road northeast to Hilltown Pike
  • Hilltown Pike northeast to Township Line Road
  • Township Line Road northeast to Limekiln Pike (Route 152)
  • Following the Township Border North, roughly along:
  • Upper Stump Road
  • Stump Road 
  • Stump Road northeast to Route 313 (Swamp Road)
  • Route 313 (Swamp Road) southeast to Route 611
  • Route 611 south to Limekiln Road
  • Limekiln Road to W. State St.
  • W. State St. to Route 611
  • Route 611 south to Almshouse Road
  • Almshouse Road west  to Lower State Road
  • Lower State Road southwest to County Line Road

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